Why you Should Never Detox at Home

Why you Should Never Detox at Home

Drug detox should be done in rehab or a controlled environment. This is because of the withdrawal effects, which tend to be severe and sometimes even fatal. Drug addiction is a serious disease whose withdrawal symptoms should never be taken for granted. Therefore, deciding to get help is great. However, this is done in steps, with the first being detox. Make sure to have this supervised by professionals who can monitor and assist when n need. Below are reasons you should never attempt detoxing at home without help.

1. It is dangerous

The repercussions of a failed severe detox can be fatal. This happens when the severity of the withdrawal intensifies, and no medication is given to help patients deal with the issue. Only professionals can help ensure that the medication needed is administered as recommended. What’s more, at the facility, all symptoms are treated and wo4ked on as soon as they manifest.

2. Increases Chances of Relapse

Home detox attempts are often failed flops. Whenever the withdrawal symptoms set in, not many people can withstand it and will quickly find a solution that will calm them down. Unfortunately, this often sees them returning to the drugs or substances they are trying so hard to quit. 

3. Monitored detoxing allows for in-depth aftercare. 

When you choose home detox, the follow-up programs are often ignored. It is not enough to just have the substances removed from your body. Full recovery happens when there is a follow-up treatment. This is often the bulk of the work at detox and rehab centers. Learning and unlearning happen at this stage. When one detoxes from home, they may fail to invest in the follow-up intensive care that guarantees complete healing and turnaround from addiction.

4. Lack of access to medication

Detoxing at home means you have to withstand the stress and pain of the process. It is not easy, but it has to be done. Even though there may be no fatalities, unmonitored detox means you have to feel every pain of the process when you don’t have to. The rehab facility has painkillers that can make the process more manageable.

5. The hopes of in-hous/ inpatient rehab decrease

When one detoxes from home, they may attempt to complete their journey without visiting a rehab center. However, though those determined may hack it, it is not always conclusive or beneficial. Therefore, it is advisable to have a professional guide and help you do things comprehensively.

What Rehab Centers Offer

You may appreciate the need to visit one if you know some of the services offered. Most of the services need professional expertise too. These include:

  • Medication management
  • Life skills training groups
  • Relapse prevention training groups
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Clinical evaluations
  • Psychiatric evaluations
  • Case management services
  • Aftercare planning services
  • Family therapy and additional family resources
  • Rehab placement

As you commit to changing your life, follow the right path for a lasting solution.