How Do You Get High Scores In Solitaire Games?

How Do You Get High Scores In Solitaire Games?

Solitaire is a trick card game. It is not easy to win at Solitaire even though its winning probability is 80%. It requires some knowledge and tips to win Solitaire games. You can learn these tips from online blogs and websites.

But it is always better to read the instructions that are available in the game app. This is because each Solitaire variant has a different set of rules and playing strategies. Are you using these strategies and not getting high scores?

In case the answer is yes, you are at the right place. In this article, we share some best tips with you that will help you to get high scores in Solitaire games. So let’s begin the discussion.

Tips to Get High Scores in Solitaire Games

The following are some easy tips that you should follow to earn high scores on Solitaire. Have a look at them.

Start with the Large Card Pile  

You can easily win Solitaire by exposing the hidden cards. There are 7 card piles in solitaire and every pile has cards according to their sequence number. It means the 7th pile has 7 cards and you should start moving cards from this Pile.

You can expose cards by moving the face-up cards into other piles. But remember to place the face-up cards in the right sequence as with the wrong moves you can mess up the strategy. 

Cleverly Move the Cards

Go from Right to Left and have a look at the exposed cards. Move the exposed cards from one pile to the other to make sequences easily. If you place the card in the wrong pile then you can not complete the sequence. 

Also, you will get stuck in the game as you can not move the wrong cards from the cards. The other solution is to move the cards from the Extra pile to complete the sequence. 

Quickly Make the Foundations

Foundations are made with the Ace cards. The sequence of the foundation is from lowest to highest card and the lowest card is Ace. When you see an Ace card in the Tableau or the extra pile then quickly move it to the Foundation pile. After filling all the spaces with the Ace you can place the higher order cards in it as well.

Fill the Empty Space with a King

You can make the empty spaces in Tableau by moving the cards into other piles. Once you get the empty cell, fill it with King. This is because King is the start of a sequence. Also, you can not place any other card in the empty cell. But do not randomly put a King in the cell, select its color wisely according to other cards. 

Do not Shuffle Cards without a Reason

Some Solitaire apps allow users to shuffle the cards in case they get stuck at any point. But do not misuse this option. You can lose a winning game by unnecessarily shuffling the cards. So if you think by any chance you can not arrange the cards, you can shuffle them to make a chance to win.

Have Patience

You can win the Solitaire games by making fewer moves. This is only possible when you do not randomly move the cards. When you move the card in the game, the move is counted. So smartly move the right cards and win high scores. 

Boost Speed

The winning factor of Solitaire is time. You can earn high scores by moving the cards fast. This is possible only when you are an expert at Solitaire. So practice the game as much as you can and win a game with high scores. 

Wrapping It All Up!!!

By following the above-mentioned tips you can win most of the Solitaire games with high scores. Practice one tip at a time and see the difference in your scores. We are sure that within a short time, you will become a solitaire expert.