How can you play Rummy Online?

How can you play Rummy Online?

Rummy is one of the most exciting and skill based card games. You have to arrange the cards into sequence or sets. You can play Rummy with two or more players and for six or more players, you will need a second deck of cards.

In this game, your aim is to put your cards into two types of combinations:

  • Runs: It is a consecutive sequence of three or more cards of the similar suit.
  • Sets: it includes three or four cards of the similar rank. If you are using two decks, a set may include two similar cards of the same rank and suit.

    In most Rummy games, not like the majority of different card games, aces can be high or low, but not both. So, runs including the ace must take the form A-2-3 or A-K-Q but not K-A-2.

    The first player who manages to make his complete hand into combinations one way or the other, with one card being remianed to discard, wins the game.